A Red-Haired Female Rogue


My father is a statesman who keeps the law in the south end of Aureus. My mother is a fancy woman who studies ancient draconic languages. My father is a volunteer in Talsianth’s civilian army and my mother runs a charity for fallen soldiers’ families. Both are very strict, proper, and preoccupied with appearances, the Auric traditions, and keeping peace with the Golden Dragons. They follow the ways of the Golden Dragon of Aureus and visit his shrine weekly. Both look like upright citizens to the public, but my father is an alcoholic with a gambling addiction and my mother is having an affair with my father’s cousin’s wife.

My older brother Gilbert ran away from home to join a thieves guild when I was ten. He and my father had a serious falling out over my father’s drinking, so he left. I’ve been looking for him ever since. I met a man named Henry in a bar six months ago. He said my features reminded him of a friend he knew once. He asked if I had an older brother. I told him about Gilbert and my heart skipped a beat, thinking I might finally find him. He said he indeed knew Gilbert. They met three years ago in Wave’s Rest when they were both being inducted into the underground guild of thieves, known as Fraternas et Umbra. Gilbert went on to be a first-class rogue working for hire in Wave’s Rest, and Henry flunked out of the Fraternas et Umbra and came back to Aureus to pick pockets and steal bread from old women.

A week after I met Henry, I took money from my father’s purse while he was sleeping, took a boat to Wave’s Rest, and went to apply for entry to Fraternas et Umbra. They accepted me into their society, and I spent two months undertaking their intensive physical, spiritual, and intellectual training to become a rogue. I spent my days studying and my evenings scouring the town looking for my brother. No one in Fraternas et Umbra had seen him in a year. Everyone assumed he had taken to the sea to find adventure. I finished my training for Fraternas et Umbra and was inducted into their society. I completed my first thief mission successfully, which was to plant a stolen ring in a corrupt nobleman’s house and frame him for the theft. The second mission went terribly wrong. We were to steal a cache of very passionate love letters from a politician’s house so that his rival could expose his affair he’d had and smear him in an election campaign. We received credible intelligence that the politician and his family were supposedly out of town. We entered the building. My thiefmate was supposed to be keeping watch while I went into the study to search for the necessary document. However, the politician’s 13-year-old son was at home and caught my thiefmate in the hallway. They fought, and my thiefmate accidentally but fatally wounded the boy by knocking him down the stairs and onto a decorative metal post that pieced his heart.

This incident changed my decision about being a member of Fraternas et Umbra. I was a rogue, not an assassin. I was a thief, not a murderer, and especially not a killer of children. I was angry that my thiefmate had been so so careless in concealing himself and so quick to fight with a target’s son. I was angry that the intelligence the guild gave us was wrong. I resigned that day from Fraternas et Umbra. On the day of my resignation, I was in a bar in Wave’s Rest and I met a man who knew my brother. The man’s name was Roger. He said he saw my brother three weeks ago. He was boarding a boat to Aureus to take on a risky but high-paying assignment for a nobleman named Josephus Silverthorn or Silverhorn or Silvertongue (he wasn’t sure of the name) who had some very valuable property stolen from him by some mischievous red dragons. The next morning, I got on a boat back to Aureus to see if I could catch up with Gilbert.


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