On the Boat to Aureus....

The final leg of the journey to Aureus....

With only one day left aboard the boat traveling to Aureus, the Adventurers (Archir, the half-elf bard; Artemis, the elf druid; Maeve, the human rouge; Oskar Ungart, the dwarf fighter; and Vesalius, the human cleric) noticed a man attempting to cast a spell with a wand…. He turned out to be a member of the Free Dominion and part of a plot to capture Caitis, a sorceress summoned to Aureus by the Gold Dragon.

Led by a paladin, the Free Dominion force, who had captured and held hostage most of the passengers of the boat, was defeated after the Party’s first, albeit sometimes disjointed and haphazard, combat experience. During the combat, however, the Adventurers began to unify and eventually used their unified attacks and spells to impressive effect.

Artemis’ wolf companion, Apollo, showed it’s skills as a quick, melee fighter and proved to be highly valuable during the fight. Vesalius’ magic healing spell was powerfully relieving for Apollo when the wolf was injured; the Party knows it may need to rely on his skills as a healer in future combat as well. The bard, Archir, inspired and rallied the Party to its true potential during the fight with his song; without his song, the Party may have been defeated on the boat. Maeve, the rogue, attempted to demonstrate her skills as a swift, silent threat but was unsuccessful; however, Maeve more than made up for her unsuccessful sneaking by leading the Party in combat. Oskar Ungart, the stout dwarf fighter, was mostly out of range to assist in the skirmishes below deck; however, when Oskar Ungart made his way into the fight, he did hew one Free Dominion member in twain with a single strike of his dwarven waraxe.

After the combat, the Party freed the hostages and questioned Free Dominion members about the plot and their overall goals: the Free Dominion members revealed that their immediate mission was to stop Caitis from reaching the Golden City; furthermore, they revealed that the Free Dominion is an underground movement to overthrow the Gold Dragon protector of Aureus. Oskar Ungart, affirming his allegiance to time-honored traditions and the protection of the Gold Dragon, slew a member of the Free Dominion; this action upset other members of the Party, most notably Maeve.

With the tension high, the boat continued its journey to Aureus, with Caitis free to join the Gold Dragon upon the Party’s arrival.



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